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Specialist Support Coordination Level 3

Specialist Support Coordination is the highest level of support coordination and is only funded for participants who have very complex support needs and require a high level of specialised support. The other circumstance that may lead to a period of specialist support coordination funding is when a participant is experiencing a crisis situation.

Specialist Support Coordinators deliver an expert approach to address complex support needs and risks in their environment. A specialist support coordinator will assist with overcoming complex barriers and designing a service plan for complex support needs.

Specialist Support Coordinators will assist participants and their support network to develop an understanding of barriers impacting, access and provision of supports, and assist with finding solutions to address these barriers. Processes for overcoming barriers will be put into place including prioritising supports and identify critical supports requiring immediate service engagement.

A plan should include a broad network of supports incorporating both mainstream, formal, and informal supports.

Specialist Support Coordinators will ensure that all services work collaboratively and effectively towards the participants’ goals.

The assistance of a Specialist Support Coordinator provides a neutral and unbiased support facilitating establishment of communication and collective collaboration within the participants’ network. An effective Specialist Support Coordinator will assist the participant, their family and support network to resolve issues and deal effectively with unexpected or unplanned events and maintain supports during crisis situations.

What does a specialist support coordinator do?

  • Help Participants connect to NDIS and other supports including mainstream supports.
  • Build a Participant’s capacity and capability to understand their plan, navigate the NDIS and make informed decisions
  • Connect supports and services with participant wishes and their plan budget
  • Monitor plan budgets and support effectiveness
  • Prioritise crisis situations and respond appropriately
  • Regular, open and responsive communication
  • Focus on individual goals
  • Monitor and coach Participants and their support network
  • Provide holistic person centered support
  • Have expert knowledge in navigating the National Disability System
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